1. Move the project to GitHub.
  2. Make a parent pom to manage all the maven projects (see the assembly plugin).
  3. Cover the code with most JUnit test cases = quality.
  4. Publish the javadoc.
  5. Make a personal logo for the version "Blue Flame" and the next version "Black Ice".
  6. Find a free maven repository & sonar source server to hav a full integration process.
  7. Exe files (from bat2exe) to run on windows and keep the config openWith.
  8. See how to have a mac launcher (see Jar Bundler) => Ok with PackageMaker for mpkg and Disk Utility for dmg
  9. Text editor (syntax highlighting, autocomplete, executing/debugging stepByStep).
  10. HttpWeb Server executing ynot scripts (session, get, post, request, ...).
  11. Kinect integration.
  12. SQLLite integration.
  13. Game engine integration (see Slick).
  14. Several tutorials (fileSystem, htmlUnit, ...).
  15. Properties injection.
  16. Be able to run a packaged (zip) ynot application, extension .ynotz
  17. Be able to create class on fly.
  18. Internationalization (strings,drawable,...) as android.
  19. Preferences & SharedPreferences system.
  20. Modify the xml of swing using ynot:id and so on for the ynot usage
  21. Be able to add a splash screen when loading script
  22. Resources (images, mp3, properties...) management
  23. UI Builder to make the view (xml format to generate swing interfaces). 
  24. ...